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Bayride Tours was established with the sole ambition of connecting guests with the splendor of Miami’s natural and urban landscape, from the city’s iconic skyline and historic floating neighborhoods, to the vast and dazzling array of sea life that populates its crystalline waterways. Born and raised in South Florida, founder Cody Savits grew up immersed in the region’s boating culture and outdoor lifestyle. He created Bayride Tours as a means to share the beauty of his hometown with visitors from a local perspective.

“I always wanted to share the love I have for this area. By showcasing our beautiful waterways and the incredible sea life we are so fortunate to have, I hope I encourage the future youth to develop an appreciation for it so it can be protected in the generations to come.” -Cody Savits,

Founder of Bayride Tours While Miami’s scenic backdrop usually makes for a great first impression, part of the Bayride Tours experience comes from our longstanding commitment to delivering great customer service.

Our attentive and interactive captain and crew are at your service on every journey to make sure every guest has the best experience possible.

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